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Life story
June 18, 1999
Born on June 18, 1999.

If you want to keep my memory alive please light a candle for me before you leave.  Thank You






Razzel came into our lives a very happy and playful little puppy. He was just like a child. Everytime we went to the store, and we came home he would always look in the bag for a new toy. He would always get a new toy. He might have been a little spoiled but he was well worth it. Growing up his bestfriend was a Border Collie named Polly. They played with their toys and chased each other around the house. It was so sweet to see that. We had to move and so they were seperated. He found a new friend, another Minature Schnauzer named Maddie. They ended up having five pups. They are so adorable. We kept two of them, Sweet Pea and Dolly. Maddie really misses Raz, she will look for him every morning when she gets up she looks in every room. Razzel had seizures and they had gotten worse it was so hard to see him in so much pain. We know now that he is not in pain anymore and he is having a wonderful time in Doggy Heaven with all the other wonderful animals.

April 9, 2008
Passed away on April 9, 2008.